Thieves Laundry SoapYou’ve heard it.  But you may not want to believe it.   And after all, you want your laundry to smell fresh, have no static, and be really soft.   Today, we’re hearing about products that leave a fragrant scent on our clothing and bedding for weeks.   And you are encouraged to breathe it in.

Not so fast.

Ok, I get it — you don’t even want to admit that the products we have been selecting for use in our homes have the potential to be dangerous and may be contributing to your dog’s red hot itchy skin, your respiratory distress, or worse.

I didn’t want to believe I had been making mistakes.   I didn’t want to believe that I’ve been duped by marketing ads.  ( I confess, I think back to the days of watching Bewitched and Darrin was an advertising man.   I didn’t know back then what that really meant, but I never thought it was misleading or dishonest, or an effort to sell products nobody needs to be using!).


Dryer sheets are one of the worst offenders in your home.

Fabric softeners and dryer sheets have been linked to health issues, including headaches, severe organ damage, central nervous system damage, and even cancer as a result of being exposed to carcinogens.

Fabric softeners are designed to linger in your clothing for weeks.  As you wear your clothes, sleep on your linens, toxic chemicals are slowly being absorbed onto your skin as well as being released into the air.  Your children and pets are especially vulnerable to these chemicals.

What goes on your skin, is going into your body.

What’s in the air, is being breathed into your respiratory system.

What goes up in the air, must also come down.  Landing on your floors, carpets/rugs, couch, etc.

Your little naked dog is going through the home, exposed to even more of this stuff than you are, with a much smaller body.  Pads of his feet pick up chemicals from the floor,  his belly is directly on the couch or carpets while at lease you (might) have clothes on.

The liver and kidneys have to process everything we throw at it.  This can be a burden.   We also know that the cells of the body are taking a beating with these chemicals in the bloodstream and the fact is they can only resist so much, for so long.  At some point, it will break down into disease and illness.

The good news is you can easily eliminate harsh chemicals from your dog’s life…. and your own.


For Fabric Softening:

It’s as simple as adding 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser in your washer.  Swap out dryer sheets for wool dryer balls.   Want them to smell extra special — choose your favorite YL oil to the dryer balls for a fresh, clean scent that lasts and fights static.

Use a couple of unscented dryer balls during the dry cycle.  Once the clothes are dry, or almost dry, toss in the scented dryer ball for 10-15 minutes with no heat cycle.   Heat may dissipate the fragrance.

My favorite oil to use for my Laundry is Lemongrass.  I just love the smell.

For the dogs, I might use Lavender or Gente Baby for their bedding and even their washable soft toys.

Bonus Tip:

Cut a Seedlings Wipe in 1/2 and use that as a replacement for your dryer sheet.  Awesome for everyone, including the dog!