Young Living Supplements for Dogs

Yep, with very few exceptions, the Young Living line of supplements are awesome for use with your dog!   I have several that I use with my dogs on a very regular basis.   Let me share those with you.

Top 4 Supplements for Every Dog

  • Omega
  • Digestive Enzyme
  • Probiotic
  • Joint Supplement

Of course when you need to customize supplements for the individual dog with there are options for that too!   A wellness review with me can help you understand more about what options are available to you.

Read on for details about the Top 4 Supplements your dog may need

Omega support is essential to optimal health for you and your dogs.   Many of our pets are missing or deficient in this important nutritional supplement, especially if they are eating only chicken based diets and many home prepared recipes that are simply not balanced well.  Marine life omega is a better option for our pets (and their people) than a plant based omega.

Omega supports brain health, heart health, eye health and joint function.

Did you also know that most Omega supplements you buy can be rancid before you even take them off the shelf, and all of them will start to go rancid when you open the bottle.   So this mega bottles you buy at the mega stores aren’t really doing you any good.   It’s worse to give a rancid fish oil supplement than no supplement at all.

You also want an ethically harvested product that isn’t damaging to the environment.     YL Omegagize has been certified ocean friendly and certified sustainable, and will have lower levels of mercury than the industry standard.   The company that produces this fish oil for YL has been in business more than 100 years!

Young Living Omegagize fits the bill.   OmegaGize3 is three key supplements in one. It contains docosahexaenoic acid
(DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)

Other benefits of Omegagize:

  • Vitamins A, D3, and E to support eye and brain health.
    Bioidentical CoQ10 supports the brain and the heart.
    Enhanced with the antioxidant power of clove essential oil
  • Other essential oils include spearmint and German chamomile.

Gut health is essential to overall health, immunity, and even getting your itchy scratchy skin under control.   Adding a good probiotic is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, or your dog.

Life 9 is exceptional for you both.

Billions of bacteria live in our guts, and their main purpose is to help breakdown food and release nutrition from foods.  Probiotics help our bodies use food betters

Supplementation with a probiotic like Life 9 is important because over processed kibble diets, illness, , environmental toxins and antibiotics deplete our enzymes making it harder to absorb nutrition from food.

Inside Life 9, there are 17 billion live bacteria from 9 different bacterial strains, including four lactobacillus species, one Streptococcus species, and four Bifidobacterium species.

The special vacuum packaging and absorbent drying agent inside the bottle helps to protect the bacteria during shipping. Life 9 should be stored in the refrigerator after opening for longer life.

Life 9 is utilizes  a delayed release capsule. Opening the capsule to sprinkle on food adds to  risk killing the bacteria atop both the food and in the
stomach. It is recommended to swallow the capsule to preserve the delayed release action.

With this in mind, Life 9 may be better suited for medium to larger adult dogs.

Need an alternative option — lets chat in a wellness review to discuss.

Essentialzyme™ is a bilayered, multienzyme complex caplet specially formulated to support and balance digestive health and to stimulate overall enzyme activity to support the modern processed diet most of our dogs are eating.

Even if you are transitioning a dog from a kibble based diet to a raw diet, it is important to support the digestive system and help the body adjust to the transition of food types.   Dogs who have been on a long-term kibble diet to not naturally make digestive enzymes needed to support the use of real food anymore.

You’ll also find that as dogs age, are faced with medical issues, or who have histories of gut-health issues, the ability for the body to work effectively and optimally without assistance starts to diminish.   A good digestive enzyme is quite beneficial to your dog’s nutritional program.

Essentialzyme contains tarragon, peppermint, anise, fennel, and clove essential oils to improve overall enzyme activity, and support healthy pancreatic function.


There are other digestive enzyme options available.   Schedule a wellness review to learn more about the difference in your selection options.

If you have waited until you see the signs of your dog slowing down or  having difficult getting up or down, you have waited too long to begin a good joint health supplement for your dog.    Ideally, the time to start is at maturity, but certainly as they are approaching middle age, and for every senior.

Many people tend to look at these supplements as something to add when they see a need and to use it “as needed” vs on a sustained daily basis.

We all need a good joint supplement as the majority of us are not getting the nutrients in our food source that allows the body to support itself naturally.  Our pets are further compromised by poor breeding practices as it relates to genetic predisposition to joint issues in many breeds.

Agilease can help.

Especially beneficial for athletes, as well as middle-aged and seniors who may experience a natural, acute inflammation response in their joints after exercise.  AgilEase is a joint health supplement that’s perfect for healthy individuals who are looking to gain greater mobility and flexibility through the reduction of inflammation.

We used unique and powerful ingredients such as frankincense powder, UC-II undenatured collagen, hyaluronic acid, calcium fructoborate, and a specially formulated proprietary essential oil blend of Wintergreen, Copaiba, Clove, and Northern Lights Black Spruce—oils that are known for their joint health benefits. Take AgilEase to support joint health or as a preventative measure to protect joint and cartilage health.


If you have a dog ligament issues be sure to ask me about BLM in your wellness review.

You have options.   No matter your budget or the issues you’re trying to help support with your own or your dog’s wellness plan.   I’d love to have you be part of the team and offer you coaching support for these and other products that may be appropriate for you to consider in your wellness plan.

We can discuss options for Cardio Support, Reducing Allergic Response to the food and environment, Detoxing the Liver, and so much more.  You may be amazed at what getting nutrition right will do for your dog’s longevity and his behavior.    Also ask me which Vitamin Supplement can assist you with a natural solution to avoid fleas and ticks.

As a reminder I can also assist you with products from Volhard Dog Nutrition 

Your initial Q&A about getting started with these products can be scheduled here: