I confess, when I got my essential oil starter kit, I didn’t know how to use it.  I was actually a little bit intimidated by it all.  And, frankly, I put it in the closet where it stayed for over a year.   I didn’t hear from my “educator” at all about how to use the products… and to be honest, I had no one that was helping to educate me on using oils for the dogs.  Nor did I even realize the amazing other products that were available to me for a completely toxic-free lifestyle.

Don’t start like I did.   I’m here to help you with every question you have and even questions you don’t know you have yet.   It is my great pleasure and passion to teach others all the amazing benefits and uses for these products.  Making the shift to natural wellness will be the greatest give you can give yourself, your family and your pets.

For now, crack open your starter kit and see what’s inside and how to use it for yourself.   And then we’ll talk about uses for your dog or family too.