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Are Essential Oils Safe for Dogs

It is a common question:  Are Essential Oils Safe For Dogs.   Fear Mongers, Dr. Google, and many people will scare you half to death and tell you No!   But we have to look at little closer at why they may have had some trouble.....    See My post about Diffusing Essential Oils

But what about when we get into topical applications or ingesting?  

And I say yes!  With High Quality essential oils from Young Living.  Its the only brand I will recommend -- and that's after doing a lot of research and testing.   But of course we don't want to use essential oils without purpose and a little bit of education.   While they are not pharmaceuticals -- they do have therapeutic benefits.  They are not simple air-fresheners -- though they do smell great -- the healing properties of essential oils should remind us to take things slow, and get a little coaching up front, and have someone you can call when you have questions!  Because I will tell you there may be a time when we need to get aggressive with healing efforts & managing trauma & well-being.  

Allergies, anxiety, aggression, past trauma, behavioral issues.   Joint health, digestive health, aging issues. Vaccine preparation & vaccinosis support.   And so much more.  

When we do something like a Raindrop Technique or an Emotional Release -- there are quite a lot of essential oils being used.  Detox --physical or emotional - is common.  But many dog mamas get worried, even if their dog is just pooping more drinking more or sleeping more right after their session.   

Friend -- energy, anxiety, aggression, fear, toxins, must leave the body somehow!   It's not always pretty.  But it certainly should never be dangerous if we're doing things right, wisely, and with quality oils.  

We have opportunities to support our pets naturally with alternatives to more traditional flea and tick products, supplements for heart health, joint health, respiratory support.  We have healthy options for house-hold cleaning products, shampoos, and first aid that will reduce the chemical load placed on your pet or family.

The changes we may be able to achieve for your dog's well-being are sometimes astounding.   And it's certainly worth a try -- even if you think you have already tried everything.

I get very excited talking about essential oils and I love teaching safe and effective use of essential oils to other people.   I understand the confusion that exists around essential oil safety, especially when it comes to using them on our pets.   I understand the overwhelm people feel when they are trying to sort out options for an unwell pet or even in just attempting to transition to healthier dog food.   I can help you!

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