Hello Friends!

I hope you are loving your oils.   Don’t do like I did my first year and let them just sit in the box – they won’t work that way!   I’m happy to show you many ways to tap into the benefit of your starter kit, and think about what you may want to add to your collection next.

If you are looking to build your collection or rid your home of the toxic chemicals in your kitchen & bath or make-up.   There is an easy way to do it.   But it might take a little planning and strategy.

It was a turn-off to me when I joined YL thinking I *had* to spend $50 a month.    But it’s not a requirement.   It’s an optional way to really tap into incentives.

It took me figuring out I could buy my everyday products from Young Living!!!  And that by doing so I’d be using safer products for me and the dogs.

  • My wholesale account saves me 24%.
  • I can earn Free stuff when I order Essential Rewards  — than be as much as a couple of hundred dollars in free products each and every month on products I need anyway!!!
  • And on top of that I can earn up to 25% back in points.
That’s a lot of incentives!

Now that makes sense!!!

I just started buying cleaning products, shampoo, supplements for nutrition & vitamins, etc from myself!  Now we have the option for Savvy Make-up, Insect Repellent, Sunscreen and Baby products (which make an awesome baby gifts).  The rewards and incentives really make a difference.   And the products – well they make a difference in our overall wellness.

How it Works:

  • Spend $50 per month minimum to keep your ER active.
  • You will earn points (PV) based on how much you spend.   Those points translate into points in your account that can then be used to purchase other oils for free!
  • Depending on how much you spend, you can get bonus oils as part of the monthly promotional incentive.    This month it’s Orange and Citronella (see attached).  They would be free as a member of ER, if you spent 100/190.
    • Note Every account is eligible for the monthly incentive promotion, but there is usually and ER bonus offer only to ER members.
  • You can see the PV you earn when you place your order for product, it will be identified as how many points you earn for buying that product.
  • If you are thinking about adding in the Thieves cleaning products for example and doing the home detox you can do it over a few months, using ER and maximize how you earn points, manage budget, and get free stuff along the way!
    • Consider giving ER a try for at least 3 months – and see how you like it.  You’ll get a loyalty reward from YL and a gift from me!
    • It’s really easy!  Just make a list of products you’d like to have — Thieves Laundry, Thieves, Shampoo, Animal Scents, Make-up, Bug Spray, Gifts! — and buy $50 worth each month!!!

If you are already signed-up for ER

  • Be sure to make note of your ER date on your calendar – I set an reminder
  • Go into your ER order in the virtual office before that date and CHANGE your ER order as needed.   If you don’t change your order, you’ll get the EXACT same things you ordered last month.   That works if you have recurring consumables in your order – but you may not want extra of some of the more expensive oils.
  • Generally speaking – it takes 2 days to process & ship your order – not including weekends.   So it may seem like some orders take a long time to get to you, depending on your date.
  • You can set up a PV Assistant – 3rd tab over on the ER order screen.   This is an easy way to make sure you are meeting your $50 minimum each month in case something falls out of stock – you can put in some things you’d like to have as alternatives to be sure you stay at the $50 minimum.
    • You can set this minimum higher – and you’ll need to do so if you are an active seller / making referrals in order to get commissions.  That minimum would be $100.   It’s not so bad – you’ll be offsetting your spending with commissions!    (More on that later)
    • Did you know it takes only 3 referrals to recover the cost of your Premium Starter Kit.


So don’t do like I did, and buy stuff without realizing how I could maximize my incentives and points for an entire 2 years!


If I can help you, just ask!