You’re looking for an essential oil company in your neighborhood.  What you really should be looking for is someone who can help you  learn all the things you need to learn about using essential oils safely for your family and your pets.   And ~ someone that will help you navigate all the benefits of being part of  great team.    So, while someone you can meet for coffee to discuss all of your questions is a bonus, with technology these days, your best consultant my be across the state or the county.

So if you Googled “Young Living Near Me”, “Essential Oils Near Me”, or even “Doterra Near Me” and you found my page, you might find that I’m  great resource for you!  Especially if you have  dog.

Dog’s are my specialty and since dogs typically have a Dog Mama helping them navigate the computer…

I LOVE helping people help their dogs with wellness and behavioral issues!  It’s my thing.  And you will be surprised at how many topics for you have similar benefits for your dog, and vice versa.   Sure, there are some nuances in the details, but that’s why having a consultant with expertise in dogs and being a Dog Mama makes sense.

So if you’re looking for “essential oils for dogs”, “essential oils in north myrtle beach” or “young living for dogs” — setup time to chat with me and let’s see  if my educational team is the right one for you.

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