The exact same Premium Starter Kit you’ve purchased for your family, can be used for your dog!   It’s such a great collection of oils that will get you started on all the basics.  Oils & Products in this kit will help you with everything from a bit of immunity boosting support to relaxing and even cleaning!

Let me walk you through each of the essential oils of the PSK and give you some ideas on using it for your dog.

In most cases, the same general purposes we would use them for ourselves, we can use them for our pets.  But let me walk you through a few additional details.

Remember for your pets, you’ll generally want to start with diluted essential oils based on their size and/or age or overall health.   You can find additional information on safety and dilutions on our page.

And remember, when you join Young Living under my team (me or my team members) you get access to additional training education and support for your questions.

Citrus Fresh is a good one to use when you want to add a clean, fresh scent to your environment. Great option to fresh up kennel rooms.

It’s also a good one to help relieve feelings of overwhelm, spark a little creativity, or stimulate overall well-being.

Citrus Fresh is also offered in the Vitality product line for ingestible use.

One of the favorites for everyone to use, and as a vitality product, this one can be ingested.

It’s a great oil to use with pets after veterinary procedures to help reduce inflammatory responses.  It can be used to offer relief to our aging pets or the athletic pet with muscle and joint care.  But you may actually find more benefit using it before  an outing or exercise to help the body in advance.

It can also be used for it’s calming properties.

Use it for tummy woes when your dog’s tummy is unsettled, during food transitions, or when you want to get some addition digestive support into their system.

Of course Vitality line is ingestible by adding an appropriate dilution amount to food or to a veggie cap, but you can also rub a bit on the belly to soothe

Use this oil for so many reasons When you don’t know what else to use, try Frankincense.

Use it for skin issues, immunity benefits, balancing the nervous system, head care.
Of course this oil is going to be a very spiritual one and you will often find it as something you can use for ceremonies preceding procedures or life-stages events.

Frankincense is also offered in the Vitality product line for ingestion purposes.

Most of us think of Lavender as the oil of calming. And it is — but it’s also so much more.

You’ll find it used in many balancing blends for focus clarity, and nervous system balancing.

It’s a great oil for soothing the skin and tissue care. When you think skin soothing — consider lavender.

Lavender is also available in the Vitality product line for ingestible purposes.

We often think of putting lemon in our water bottle. But I’m not a big fan of putting essential oils in the dog’s drinking water, even though I’ll have them ingest Vitality oils in other methods.

Lemon can be beneficial to circulation, kidney health, and healthy digestion. But it’s usually not my first go-to with the dog for these categories.

Where I do use it the most, is in first aid. I use it as a way to help clean my hands before and after needing to administer emergency first aid.

It can also be used in some misting sprays for outdoor animals to help deter unwelcome nuisances from landing on open skin issues.

Yep, it has Wintergreen in it. And the internet would have you believe Wintergreen should not be used on your dog.

I’d agree adulterated or synthetic Wintergreen shouldn’t be used on the dog or you. But there’s a good time and place for Wintergreen in our dog care.

It’s not an oil you’ll want to use daily, but for an as-needed basis with joint or muscle injury, performance dogs, rough play or long hike recovery, and the like — this oil is a go-to.

We generally think of Peppermint as an aid to good digestion or to signal the body that we are full, but I think there are a few other choices to choose first for the dog (like Digize also in your PSK)

Peppermint is also a good oil to bring focus and stimulate clear thinking — many teachers and parents use it for students during testing & homework.

One of the key uses of Peppermint with the dog to add it into customized synergies (blends) or techniques to help support respiratory, muscular -skeletal, or digestive needs.

We use Peppermint for the dogs in the Animal Raindrop Technique as the final essential oil applied

Thieves for the win! Thieves is going to offer you and your dog amazing cleaning properties and great immunity protection.

You’re going to use this for a lot of things — and then you’re going to want to look at the entire line of Thieves products for cleaning, laundry, hand-soap, toothpaste, etc to reduce the toxic load on your family.

Be careful with Thieves toothpaste choices a some of them have xylitol in them — which we know is not ok for pets. But some of the choices would be great to use with your dog.

Just what the name says. It’s a good one to use for new situations and sometimes thing that go boom.

Surprisingly, this isn’t an oil to just calm and quiet things down.  It can create good mental focus and reduce nervousness during training, competitions, and other activities requiring clarity.

Order this in a roll-on, or add a roller-ball top to your bottle if you travel with your dog or take them to lots of new events.

Purification is no longer available in the PSK.

But let me tell you — you need this oil. It’s fantastic for cleansing the air and a must for every one who has dogs in their home. You can get rid of odors of all kinds!

Make yourself a fabric spray, add it to laundry gone wrong, help purify the air after unhealthy animals, etc.

And bonus — it is super effective for using on your skin or the dog’s after stings, bites and scrapes.

This oil is no longer in the PSK — it was replaced by Raven.

It’s a good option for supporting healthy breathing as well.

Diffuse or use in recipes for topical applications

If you have your starter kit already I hope this will help you get off to a good start on its use.  Look for an upcoming post on starting to make some recipes and other supportive uses of the oils in the kit.

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