Essential Oils For Dogs Emotions


I love using essential oils in my dog training  & behavior business.  It’s actually how I got started.

For me, I started with lavender about 15 years ago when I was fostering Great Danes.   Lavender is known to everyone as a calming oil.   So really, my only awareness of essential oils was in the the area of calming energy.



Let me just tell you how surprised I was when I started getting exposure to just how effective a variety of essential oils could be for so many different aspects of emotional support, animal behavior,  and well-being.   I of course added in different oils & different blends to calm dogs with separation distress, fear of being alone, fear of thunder and fireworks, etc.     But it wasn’t until I started to really address confidence, trauma, or even abuse & abandonment issues.  Really, the entire emotional range can benefit from the incorporation of essential oils.   The more I used them, the more amazed I became.



Then I expanded again, into more natural options for fleas and ticks, toxic free cleaning products, shampoos, and even supplements for a variety of health issues and systems of the body.

Often, we need to address some level of confidence and belief in the outcome with the pet owner as much as the pet.  So the benefits are two-fold, and we often select the oil based as much on the guardian as on the dog.

Today, Essential oils are incorporated deeply into my dog training business ad my personal life.  I can’t learn enough — I’m fascinated and driven to learn more and share with you, on behalf of your dog.  I even now include a starter kit in the training program package.   You and Your dog can share the same Premium Starter Kit.   I’ll show you how.


Just a few ways I use Essential Oils in Dog Training

  • Separation Distress
  • Isolation Distress
  • Confidence & Insecurity
  • Fear
  • Positive Associations
  • Abandonment
  • Previously Emaciated Dogs
  • Recovery from Traumatic Experiences
  • Moving beyond Abusive Situations (known or perceived)
  • Calming in new situations
  • Calming with Storms, Car Rides & Transports
  • Harmony in multiple dog homes, newly rehomed dogs
  • Finding Joy, Hope & Playful energy
  • Competitive Sports — Performance During and Recovery After
  • Scent Training
  • First Aid  — Boo Boos to Bee Stings, Minor Injuries to Emergency Support en route to vet.
  • Grief, Loss of Companions (Human or animal)
  • Aging Pets and End of Life

Every dog I see, and every dog owner I see can benefit from the use of essential oils.

And I guess the area that blew me away the most was Aggression and how using essential oils with aggressive behavior can dramatically improve results.   That topic is coming up soon…. Stay tuned.

Happy to chat with you bout this and discuss not only which oils you might consider using, but how to pair them with training for the best results.