Emotional Release for Dogs



Your dog may be holding on to deep rooted emotions, much like we do.

You and I have words that we could try to express our feelings, yet we often can’t even do that. Imagine what it must be like for your dog to not be able to communicate their feelings to us.

Often, memories are not even conscious or clear. Many do not believe that our dog’s hold memories in the same way we do, but we know there are imprints in their cellular memory. We know they can present behavior that looks like grief, sadness, fear, or stress, even anger. We know that abuse, abandonment, starvation, and trauma must leave a mark deep in their souls.

I have seen so many dogs over the years that no longer seem to be able to be a dog. They have lost their joy. Imagine the dog that was a long-time breeder mama who no has no babies to care for. Imagine the long-time sport dog or working dog who has been injured or retired and no longer feels he has has a purpose.

Yes, I’m putting human-terms on these issues — but they are no less real for the dog. Sometimes we just don’t know exactly what’s going on with the dog (or cat or horse) and they cannot express it. Even if they had words, much like us — words my be difficult to find or speak out loud.

Good News

The good news is we have options to do something about it.

Emotional Release

Using a technique and a selection of very specific essential oils, I can help you implement a supportive care option for your dog (or horse, or maybe even yourself!). The goal is reaching the limbic system and letting the oils do their work, tapping in to energy balancing techniques like Chakra Balancing or Reiki. When we support the body with natural solutions, better nutrition, and energy work — it can heal itself. I’ve seen this amazing work many many times and I want to share it with you.

It could easily be the one thing you have not yet tried that moves your dog forward and helps him be a happier, healthier dog.