Elderberry & Wolfberry  ORAC Comparison

The elderberry is gaining popularity for many common issues, especially seasonal issues this time of year.

It’s convenient in many stores, boutiques, and expos.

It will offer you good benefit for boosting your immunity and for antioxidant properties.

But did you know the wolfberry is double the elderberry ORAC score!

Wolfberry ~30000 (Ningxia Red)
Gogi berry ~ 25000
Elderberry ~15000
Wild blueberry ~10000
Blueberry ~5000

Like many products you should question their “seed to seal” process of safe and ethical growing practices, how was it made and by who, bottling, labeling, etc… what’s in it!?

When we trust the quality of the product elderberry syrup is safe for dogs, but be sure you know if any artificial sweeteners, flavorings, ingredients have been added.

The Ningxia Red beverage and dried wolfberries are safe for your dogs 💯 every time.

If you need the powerhouse antioxidants and immunity support … and who doesn’t… Ningxia Red should be your choice.

If you’re now saying… but the price?! Let’s talk… first, your health is priceless, but I can truly help you maximize your account and savings to make it budget-friendly.

And remember you can’t use it today if don’t have it on hand.


Did you know that while things like elderberry and echinacea may be good to take to support your immunity beforehand, these should NOT be used in the midst of any respiratory virus as they can worsen the cytokine storm.  Current research does not identify the wolfberry as an increased factor in the cytokine storm.   So we’ll keep our wolfberries on hand and Ningxia Red.