Let’s face it.  Your dog will chew on toys that have been in the mud, in poop, another dog’s mouth, or just about anything.

While a little dirt never hurt anyone — well, that’s what my grandmother used to say before dirt was exposed to so many pesticides and herbicides — We need to wash the toys from time to time, along with cleaning puppy play pens, crates, our floors and carpets, our cars, even our hands when we walk the dog and have to bring hom the poop bag.   You know the deal — everything needs to be cleaned.

But what’s safe to wash puppy toys in?

Thieves!   Of course.   There is no better option.

Thieves Household Cleaner, Thieves Dish Soap, or even just a Thieves Wipe makes a great way to get the crud off all your dog’s toys and know that when you’re giving them back they are not only clean, but you have nothing to worry about relative to residue left behind that could be harmful.

It’s all I use!  It’s all I’ll recommend.

Want to make your own Thieves Wipes?  Try this

Many of us have also used coffee filters to make cleaning wipes as well.

Keep them in your car, by the door for wiping feet (consider Seedlings or a different soothing recipe for dogs with sensitive skin conditions, in the kitchen, where ever you might need a quick wipe down 🙂

As you may guess — this works for your kids toys too, your sports equipment, your home & car, and so much more.   Keep things clean with Thieves everywhere.

Come, Sit and Stay Well.