Volhard Dog Nutrition

Volhard Dog Nutrition
Have you ever heard the saying "You Can't Outrun a bad diet".  Friends, it's true for your dog too.  

Volhard Dog Nutrition Consultant & Affiliate

The food you feed your dog not only affects his health and longevity -- it affects his behavior and daily energy. Marketing engines would have you believe kibble is nutritious. It’s really not. Sure there are some better than others, but do a little research (see below) and you’ll start to find information that troubles you (or should) about continuing to feed your dog kibble.

Fast Facts:

  • Your dog’s gut health contributes to about 80-90% of his immunity support.
    • It takes 1/3 of your dog’s daily energy to digest kibble.
    • It takes about 15 hours for your dog’s body to break down kibble into usable energy. That means he’s digesting food 100% of the day if fed twice daily. It only takes a raw diet about 4.5 hours.
    • Fasting your dog 1/2 day per week gives the dog’s kidneys some much needed relieve from waste mgmt & improves overall digestion
    • if fed kibble your dog doesn’t have the enzymes needed to break down the nutrients -- and even if you switch to a raw food diet, his body isn’t current making the enzymes needed for real food! Thus, you need a transition diet to help prevent upset
    • A diet like Volhard rich in the proper vitamins and minerals won’t need to be supplemented with other nutrients unless your dog has other health issues or is aging -- and will help keep fleas and ticks away?
    • Today's kibble may contain GMO soybeans, GMO corn and perhaps even animal pieces and parts that come from unwell animals. Good marketing could split labeling to try to fool you regarding just how much soy and corn really is in the product. Read your labels.
Volhard Dog Nutrition became my food of choice a few years ago. I really struggled thinking it was going to be too expensive. But the bottom line was it’s too expensive not too focus on my dog's health and longevity.

By switching food, I’ve offset supplement costs. I feed less food volume overall. Fewer vet visits. And less poop. We don't use flea and tick products anymore.  And I’m 100% convinced having a nutritionally healthy dog is why Howie did so well in a recent surgical procedure at 14 years old   (He's now 17!)

If you’re on the fence about switching to raw try Endurance or a much needed nutrition boost. Endurance is a dehydrated supplement formulated with human-grade ingredients. It is a supplement to overcome nutritional imbalances. Endurance is easy to use – just sprinkle a small amount on the top of your dog or cat’s food. Endurance contains dehydrated amino acids, vitamins, minerals, cold-pressed essential faty acids and anti-oxidants which improve gastro-intestinal functioning”

I’m going be using it for all Board and Train dogs (with permission) because better nutrition helps with stress which is inherent in any kind of boarding in a new environment or learning something new. I have already had clients tell me they noticed their dog’s coat looking shinier and more of its natural color after they began Endurance. Most eventually make the switch to NDF2 for even more improvement in their dog's wellness, behavior, itchy skin, longevity, and overall well-being.

Volhard Quality Testing

  • During the manufacturing phase, each batch of Volhard dog food is quality control tested, not once, not twice, but 3 times!
  • Volhard efforts are unsurpassed in protecting your dog against the risk of e-coli, salmonella, bacteria, mold and fungi.
  • Clinical testing procedures done annually on a variety of dogs eating our products to reassure dog owners that Wendy Volhard’s recipes help dogs maintain NORMAL blood levels and keep them parasite-free!”
My dogs love their NDF2, and I know of quite a few other dogs that are loving it as well. I like it because I’m a lazy shopper and enjoy the convenience of a very high quality raw diet. If you are interested in learning more about it contact for more information or how to order NDF2 or Endurance -- just reach out and I’ll help you explore the options and see if this is the right food for you and your pet. I am not a veterinarian, a certified nutritionist or even a vet tech, but I do have years of experience feeding dogs, training dogs and troubleshooting behaviors and energy levels.

I can’t stress enough that not all dogs are alike and not all foods are alike. Some foods work great for some dogs and some foods are just toxic. I do try and help people make an informed decision about the food they feed their dogs. The final choice will always be yours.

Do some research!

Feed your dog to live and be happy. Feed them so they can look and function as they were bred to be. Feed them so they can perform any task. Feed them so they can live longer. Feed them so they are healthier. Feed them so you can spend more time with them and less time vacuuming up their fur and taking them to the vet.

Listen as My Friend Jennifer Talk about the history and benefits of Volhard.  You'll find other videos on my youtube channel too!