Feelings Essential Oil Kit For Dogs

Feelings Essential Oil Kit For Dogs

Feelings Essential Oil Kit For Dogs

Dogs have emotions too.  Behavior could have an emotional root.   Emotional Roots could lead to behavior issues or health issues -- or both.

Your dog’s behaviors are sometimes imprinted – they can be learned, they can become the norm for that being, but aren’t normal at all for the breed/species

Some possible origins:
  • Imprint phases as a puppy or result of trauma/experience
  • Physical Stress
  • Chemical Stress
  • Emotional Stress
Emotional Burden:
  • Stress lives in the body – specifically in certain organs, systems, Autonomic Nervous System
  • Stress Inhibits living our best lives
  • Stress can lead to “dis”- EASE in the body
  • Stress can lead to early death

What to expect from the experience

  • We humans my have dreams, thoughts that surface, tears that flow
  • Our pets can’t tell us about his dreams, but we can monitor:
    • Sleeping better / movement in sleep
    • Needing a bit quieter time  -- dogs often won’t “release” in front of you or other animals.
    • Becoming more playful / interactive / confident
The Protocol for the Feelings Collection is generally 30 days.   Don't short change the experience.  Let me teach you how to do it and why.   We can even do this by video conference.
The oils used in this protocol are:
  • Valor
  • Harmony
  • Forgiveness
  • Release
  • Present Time
  • Inner Child
As these oils are applied, I will teach you to pair these oils with energy work techniques and meditative statements that help you help your dog move through these emotions.

As the one applying the oils, you too may experience an emotional release.

It is an amazing protocol and experience that should be considered for any dog or person who struggles with fear, anxiety, history of trauma, stress, or emotional roots.

Yes, I know you want the actual protocol and some guidance on how to do, and what you might experience.   I share all this with my clients.   Let's get you started!