Ingesting Essential Oils

Is it Safe to ingest Essential Oils?

Is it Safe For Your Dog To Ingest Essential Oils?


I don't even want to tell you there's a but.  But there's a little but.   And that's really just a  little education on proper use.  I'll share more about that as we go.

First, Take a look at some very important names in essential oil research and you'll find many people using essential oils internally.
  • Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt -- Medical Aromatherapy:   Healing with Essential Oils (among many others)
  • Robert Tisserand - Essential Oil Safety
  • Dr. David Stewart - Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Easy
There are many others, but in the world of essential oils -- these folks are the top experts of their fields.

If you're researching or reading books, especially within the YL space, you'll hear the phrase "French Aromatherapy" and the fact that they have been ingesting essential oils for years.  There's even a French aromatherapy certification focused on teaching proper dosing, ingesting methods, and making remedies.    Gary Young ingested essential oils daily and taught others to do the same.

Today, YL has gone so far as to have its Vitality line of products approved by the FDA and labeled as safe for consumption.   Vitality oils have a white label.   When you see Lemon Vitality and Lemon in a colored label - what's in the bottles is exactly the same.   Labeling is for FDA purposes for clarity.  Note:  this doesn't mean every colored label has a Vitality counterpart.   Look them up!

You will also see the term GRAS or Generally Recognized as Safe for essential oils in content, books, aromatherapy documentation with a list of many oils.  Some are not in YL's Vitality line at this time.

The point here is yes.  Essential oils can be taken internally when you follow some safety guidelines.
  • Get Yourself a Reference Book
  • Use Specific Oils for its intended purpose.
  • Start Low and Slow!
  • Dilute your oils
  • If you're putting oils in your dog's food -- make sure you're using a fat as well.
  • If using a gel cap -- coat it in Coconut Oil, Butter, so that it goes in easily.
    • Use Gel Caps with Carrier Oil especially for "hot" oils
  • Consult with a Professional, Practitioner or very experienced educator to get started
  • Know Yourself.  Know Your Dog.   Trust your instincts.  Listen to your body/observations.
I take essential oils internally daily.   There are essential oils in my supplements.  Supplements have been proven to work better when infused with essential oils that help clear receptor site and create better absorption.    My dogs and client dogs get oils internally as well.  I'm happy to teach you how.

Essential oils exist in your lemon and orange rinds when you zest.   Chewing gum and colas have essential oils in them.  Lots of things do, since they come from plants, trees, fruits, resins, roots, and leaves.

So when you hear someone else tell you they are not safe to ingest --  you will go do your own research.  Review those experts above I mentioned.   Take a look at content from Dr. Lindsey Elmore (Pharmacist) for information in a language we can all understand.   Or from Dr. Nancy Brandt who was my educator in essential oils for animals.... to name but a few.

Essential oils can completely change your wellness journey and your health.   It has mine and my dogs.

Yes, we're going to tell you quality matters.  For more on that see "Seed to Seal" and Questions you Ask Your Oil Company.

Once you experience the difference you'll understand.  If you need help with that.... I'm a message or call away.

Internal Use of Essential Oils



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