Are Essential Oils Safe To Diffuse Around Dogs

Is Diffusing Essential Oil Safe for Pets

In 2018, the internet exploded with drama regarding a French Bull Dog and diffusing essential oils.
Later, in February 2018 another article with the headline "Dog Poisoned By Diffuser"
That article has just resurfaced.       And the internet is all aflutter.   Again.

So let's break this down:

Can essential oils make your house smell amazing -- yes.  But they are NOT air fresheners.  Every essential oil is far more than fragrance -- they have therapeutic effects -- even medicinal-like effects.  You need to know the purpose of the essential oils you are using.  What does that oil actually do???     

Truth be told -- your candles and air fresheners are more harmful to your health and your pet's health long-term than pure high quality essential oils.  

Essential Oil Safety for Pets

What we know about the Scary Article That Almost Broke the Internet:
  • Diffusing Tea Tree -- why?  really why?   Tea Tree Essential Oil is most often used for skin health and cleansing, including cleaning products.   Why would you diffuse that?   But even if you do --  and you could with a trusted brand, how long did you do it -- it's not a plug-in, nor is it designed to use every day!
  • What was the quality/brand/ingredients?  Did you know tea tree essential oil is one of the most adulterated essential oils on the market -- meaning additives, synthetics, fillers, and who knows what have been included to stretch the volume of oil products for cheaper pricing and more products.
General Guidelines:
  • Diluting Essential Oils
  • Use a water-based diffuser.  Generally speaking, diffusing oils is the gentlest way to introduce essential oils into your home.   They will be diluted in the water-based diffuser and dispersed into a room.   A little math tells you that if you have a 100ml diffuser (100ml of water) and you add 5 drops of essential oil to the diffuser, you'll disperse about 5 parts per million into the room over several hours.
  • Yes, your dog (or cat) absorb some of that into his body -- by particles landing on the floor, the couch, his fur, etc, but we aren't talking about significant amounts being on your dog unless you are diffusing the same oil, all day, every day.   Your dog would be at greater risk of absorption issues with plug-ins, harsh chemical based fabric sprays, and traditional air fresheners.
Some best practices when diffusing Essential Oils:
  • Give your pet an escape route to get away from the room with the diffuser if they choose to do so.
  • Rotate & Vary the Oils You're Using
  • Use only about 5 drops of essential oils per 100ml of water
  • Use an intermittent diffuser.
  • Skip some days!
  • Be aware of what else in your environment (Cleaning chemicals, industrial chemicals, paint, etc and avoid diffusing at those times)
  • Take added precautions if your dog is new to oils or if your dog is unwell, a young puppy or geriatric.
  • Get Yourself a Reference Book and read it.
  • Get Yourself a good educator you can learn from (me!)
  • If you suspect your pet is compromised -- turn off the diffuser, open the window, take them outside if you can for some fresh air.   Essential oils will be metabolized out of the body through urine and poop in normal circumstances.   (Stay tuned for a separate post about the enzymes that make this possible --Essential Oils For Your Cat)
If you are new to oils, or just beginning with a new dog in your house (think newly adopted, newly fostered, visiting pet) -- slow down again.   Introduce them to oils slowly and monitor them.

Please know that essential oils can be used safely and effectively, and will truly enhance your dog's life -- and your own.
If essential oils and diffusers were going to be killing dogs --I wouldn't be using them or trying to teach others to do the same.   Millions of dog mamas, vets, trainers, groomers, etc are using them safely every day.

We just need a bit of education about what we're doing why.   That's where I come in.  You don't need to be certified in aromatherapy like I chose to do.   But you do need some basics.

I am here to help you.   Let's get started today.
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