Blending Essential Oils

Blending Essential Oils

Blends are different than synergies.  All synergies are blends.  But Not Blends are Synergies.

A blend is something that when mixed together you will get the individual therapeutic effects of the oils you have blended. It is like placing 3 different oils into your cold water diffuser one at a time. Every once in a while you might smell one oil, then another, and sometimes a mix of them all.

When you create a synergy, you are creating something "other" than the sum of its parts. It is something magical.
Even the order in which you add the oils to the bottle can change the final result. Varying the # of drops changes the recipe and final result. There is a bit of science to it -- but you should totally try experimenting with making your own!

Take the synergy Thieves® for instance. Other essential oil companies have tried to recreate this amazing blend.  But they fall short.   They may believe it's close or good enough, but no one has replicated it.

What's missing is a depth and breadth of action within the synergy.

Gary Young was a master artist in his creations.

Much of the magic in a synergy is the "energy" in the creation.   The intention, the purpose, the flow of universal energy (yes, my hippie side shows up sometimes), and the love in which they are created.    This is not just about the moments of mixing ingredients, but everything that comes before and after.   The environment in which it is grown, the harvesting and handling processes, and the purpose of sharing.

Have a little fun with your blending and creations.   Who knows, you may find something magic that you can share with all of us.

I blend oils all the time!  If you come up with a great combination that works well for your pet -- share with me!   You might get your recipe featured on my blog!

Some hints!
  • Write down your recipe so you can recreate it!   (or avoid recreating it!)
  • Use only 3-4 oils to make your blend.
  • Choose a combination of oils that offer Top Notes, Middle Notes and Base Notes (Watch for a class on that soon!)
  • Use Restraint when you think about blending blends -- though there are no rules and you just might create magic.
  • Consider the properties of the oils and your goal for the therapeutic.benefits.
  • Remember -- when you blend you're creating something altogether new -- not just the sum of the parts.  Even the order in which you add things can make a difference in the result (energy, smell, therapeutics).  
  • Trust your intuition
  • Be Creative


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