Recycle Essential Oil Bottles
Use Your Essential Oils for Dogs --
Down to the very last drop!

And Recycle The Bottles

A couple of favorite ideas for the dogs:

  1. Order the bottle holders like you see in the photo and take emotional oils to the animal shelter or your favorite rescue to hang on kennel runs or crates for a little aromatherapy or to us in transport rides
  2. Make a misting spray!   Add some fractionated coconut oil or a  little witch hazel or cheap vodka and use as a misting spray for bedding or skin soothing.   Just add a spray top... they fit perfectly!
  3. Soak your empty bottles in a jar of Epsom salt; then soak yourself in a hot Epsom bath or use it in your dog's bathwater for calming or skincare.
  4. Remove the orifice reducer, the plastic cap inside the top, to let the last few drops drip out
  5. Add your empty oil bottles to a jar of water; then use that water to fill your diffusers
  6. Save your empty bottles and use to make your own custom roller blends.
  7. Use your empties to fill with a small amount to share an oil sample with a friend.
  8. They make a perfect way to make your own blends or dilute oils with a carrier  (See this Post for Dilution Ratios)


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