Healing Touch For Animals

Healing Touch for Animals

I am proud to have participated in a certification workshop for Healing Touch for Animals and complete my Level 1 Certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner.   

It's a modality of energy work that we can incorporate into animal wellness services.    As a dog behavior trainer, Reiki Master, Specialist in Aromatherapy -- energy work is a key aspect of the services I incorporate into a complete wellness plan.  I'm proud to have Healing Touch for animals in my experience and toolbox.

It may be one of many energetic approaches to wellness introduced to my clients.  I especially enjoy the combined synergy of essential oils with Healing Touch or Reiki as a unique energetic experience.
HTA techniques benefit our animals in many ways:
  • Help animals to understand appropriate behavior
  • Build the animal-human bond
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Support animals through injuries, illnesses, physical and emotional trauma, abuse and grief
  • Build a solid foundation for cancer patients
  • Develop confidence for training and competition
  • Energetically support animals through the end of life transition
The energy based modality of Healing Touch has been recognized throughout the human medical community since 1989 and is used by more than 75,000 healthcare practitioners worldwide to help provide whole body wellness. These techniques are designed to enhance the healing process and do not replace traditional medical or veterinary healthcare, medical diagnosis, or medical treatment for illness.

Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) is privately owned and is not governed by any other organization. Healing Touch for Animals® endorses the Healing Touch Program™ curriculum and the healing work that is facilitated for our human population.

As with people, these techniques for animals are meant to complement traditional health care. They can bring about pain relief, stress reduction, accelerated wound healing and improve immune system function. One of the most fundamental effects students report is the deepening of the bond between them and their animal companions.

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