Thieves Cleaner For Kennel Rooms, Trainers, Groomers & Veterinarians

Thieves Cleaner For Kennel Rooms, Foster Homes, Trainers, Groomers & Veterinarians

Let’s face it.  Whether you have a baby or dogs there are spills, accidents on the carpet, and reason to be sure the house is clean and doesn’t smell like dogs to your guests.  We also are becoming more concerned with what we’re using and asking questions about safe products vs harsh toxic chemicals.   Young Living Cleaning Products with Thieves™ make it easy to clean your home and pet environments without chemicals and toxins found in most traditional products.

Every product that you bring into your home or use in your yard is a chemical your dog is exposed too.  The question is are those products safe?   Many of your household cleaners, air fresheners, and fabric sprays contain harsh, even toxic chemicals.   Your dog walks around naked every day and is exposed to all those environmental toxins!
You can trust that with Young Living Thieves line of products that they are safe!

We Clean Safely — Even in our Kennel

In our dog training kennel, we want to be sure we stay super clean and fresh.   We use it to wash down the crates, crate pads, walls (ours are lined with metal), floors, dishes and all our counter surfaces.   And it smells really fresh and clean.

I don’t have carpet in my house any more — thank goodness!   But you can use Thieves Household cleaner to be sure you’re getting the smell out when cleaning up an accident!    You could even add a little to your steam cleaner!
Use it in your kitchen, your bath and your laundry.

I know many veterinarians using it to clean their entire Veterinary hospital.

Get started with Thieves Cleaner today.   And begin the journey in your home or professional dog business to better, safer cleaning products!

I will show you all the ways to stretch your budget & keep everything clean and fresh - without any toxic ingredients.

Message me to chat about how I did this in my board and train kennel building.


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