Starter Kit Oils:  Dogs Separation Distress
Getting dogs to settle down in their crate is one of the top calls I get as a dog trainer.

I enjoy using essential oils as calming and relaxing support for dogs when they are learning crate training exercises, when we move them to new locations, or when there are things that upset them and keep them a bit less relaxed than ideal.

Oils included in the Premium Starter Kit that may help you get started with essentials oils for general calming support are:
  • Stress Away
  • Lavender
  • Copaiba
  • Frankincense
You can diffuse these oils as single oils or you can combine 2-3 of them together for a unique custom blend.  Try some various combinations to see what works for you and your dog.

After I have done imprinting and proper introduction of oils to the dogs -- I will set a diffuser with an intermittent schedule so that it will run several times throughout the time that the dog should be settled down home alone, in hise crate, or even just during nap time.

You can make a small misting spray bottle and spray your dog's bedding.   Just use up to 10 drops in any combination you like in a 4-ounce glass spray bottle, filled the remaining way with water.

If you are applying oils topically, you only need a drop or 2.   Remember less is more when you first begin. Your dog's olfactory senses are significantly stronger than your own -- don't overwhelm him!   It only takes a little oil to go a long way and has the desired effect.

You don't next "extra" for a long day or overnight -- that's not how oils work.  They are generally absorbed within few minutes or hours depending on carrier oil choices.  And they will be metabolized out of the body within hours.     This is a good reason to choose a diffuser or spraying the bedding vs a topical application -- though you can do both!   Just don't use excessive amounts of oil.   Less is more!

You can apply to a bandana or collar, you can apply with a bit of V6 or coconut oil to your own hands and pet the dog -- remember his fur acts as a wick to move the oil down to the skin level, or when you feel more confident with your dog's acceptance of oils you may apply a drop or two to his spine or the top of his feet.

Update:  I also love the Seedlings Line of Products for Calming down our pets.   The Seedlings Wipes or Oil is amazing, for babies and puppies -- you too for that matter. 

Also, remember -- what is applied to the skin will be absorbed into the skin.   This again is why we only recommend Young Living Essential Oils.

Some more challenging dogs will require more training & perhaps additional essential oil choices to help them release emotional baggage (it becomes very well-rehearsed over time), and emotions can actually get stuck!

Often my go-to oils in this are Cedarwood, Surrender, Release, Vetiver or Valerian or some combination!  I often do imprinting work with the dog and let them self-select.    If you don't have these oils in your collection already -- my suggestion is to do a little research on these oils and see what "resonates" with you on your dog's behalf and then select.   You can also do muscle-testing / kinesiology, meditation or prayer to make your choice before you order.

You can visit my dog training blog and search for separation anxiety for some training suggestions or reach out to schedule private coaching sessions.  It may also be wise for us to discuss food and supplements as anxiety can be directly connected to health.

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