Abandonment resides throughout the body. For a long time in many cases.

Photos like this happen in shelters daily. This particular one is from years ago. Last week was a dog surrounded by food and toys left untouched. The week prior, a dog with his back to the world and his face in the corner.

These dogs are heart broken and shut down.   But don’t think we cannot help them. We can.

Beyond volunteering and adoption — there are many ways to help.  Including helping reach shelters, volunteers, and adopters with information about essential oils, nutrition and homeopathy.   I’ll consult with shelter and rescue groups on cases.

You see, fear, abandonment, and stress create burden on the health and well-being of the dog’s body — not just the mind.

Abandonment for example moves within the body to nearly every system and it leaves an imprint.

For some dogs — a home is enough to move them forward towards recovery and letting go of the past trauma or fears.

For some — this imprint is long lived and a burden on health.  Most of us do not think about out dogs emotional state or see any ways to help them.   Too many just accept “the way things are”.

With essential oils, nutrition, and energy work we can help dogs release these emotional traumas and improve their emotional and physical health.

If you are fostering or have adopted a dog with history of abandonment, it’s important for you to look beyond the current moment. It important for you to consider how health and emotions are intertwined. Look beyond what you think of as “training”. Yes, exercise and skills matter — but a full resolution is so much more.

Know that we have options to help the whole dog as an emotional being as well as a healthy being.

It all matters.